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Casino School

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a casino table game with rules similar to five card stud poker. The game is played against the house, as such bluffing and deception do not take place and optimum strategy still results in an edge for the house.

To play, every player places their ante on the table where indicated; all ante wagers must be placed prior to the dealer announcing “No more bets”. Each player and the dealer will then receive five cards, face down. The dealer will turn over one of their cards, then push the cards toward the players, after which the players may look at their cards. Individuals are not permitted to divulge their hand with other players.

Players have the option to play or fold; if they choose to play, they place their bets (twice the amount of their respective ante) in the bet box. If they choose to fold, they forfeit their ante. After all the players have made their decisions, the dealer reveals their hole cards. The dealer only plays with an ace/king or higher; he then compares his cards to the players’ cards (individually, right to left), and the players’ hands that beat the dealer’s qualifying hand wins.

Players are also given the option of playing for the progressive jackpot. To be considered for the progressive, players must make an additional side bet alongside their ante. The player is wagering that they will receive a hand of cards that equates to a flush or better. Regardless of the outcome of the regular table game, if the player has a hand that qualifies for the progressive jackpot, that player will win the amount designated in the payout table. Players are usually rewarded with 100% of the pot for a royal flush, 10% of the pot for a straight flush, and a set monetary amount for a four of a kind, full house, or a flush. Although note, that these amounts will vary from casino to casino.

There are some fundamental rules in Caribbean Stud Poker that must be observed at all times while playing:

• Only one hand per player. Players are forbidden to hold or wager on multiple hands at the table.

• Players choosing to play the Progressive Payout feature are responsible for ensuring their $1 wager has been inserted into slot and the “Indicator Light” is ON.

• Players may not exchange or communicate information regarding their hands to other players or the dealer. Player violation will result in a dead hand and forfeiture of all wagers.

• Incorrect amount of cards to the player constitutes a dead hand (or push) for that player only.

• If the dealer is dealt four cards of the five-card hand, the dealer shall deal an additional card to complete the hand. Any other misdeal to the dealer shall result in all hands being void and the cards shall be reshuffled.

• Each player shall be required to keep the five cards in full view of the dealer at all times. Once each player has examined his or her cards and placed them face down on the layout, they may not touch the cards again.

• If a hole card is exposed prior to the dealer announcing No More Bets, all hands shall be void.

Basic Strategy dictates that you should at least do the following:

• bet when you hold a pair or better
• bet when you hold an Ace and King.

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